Enchanted Tattoo Art

Nadina is an experience, award winning, tattoo artist, who is approachable and happy to answer any of your questions.
Capable of a broad range of tattoo styles.
Available by appointment in Berwick, Melbourne.

Tattoo Gallery

Tattooing Styles and Approach

Nadina's tattoo styles range from black and grey work, colour work, traditional, realism with attention to fine detail.Tattoos can hold a lot of personal meaning. Working out a custom tattoo design that has symbolism, sometimes the right words, as well as the best placement, all matter when designing artwork.Nadina is always open to your ideas with a flexible approach and experience with different styles. The focus being on what the client is seeking, to create a unique custom tattoo.If you just want an old tattoo refreshed or a cover-up of an old, outdated tattoo, that can also be discussed.

More Tattoo Art

Apparel Print Range

Foxalla Designs is Nadina's design collection on Redbubble. Inspired by tattoo art, street culture, Rockabilly and more. Combining hand drawn / digitally drawn and graphic design work, all created by Nadina.The print on demand range includes T-Shirts, Hoodies, Homeware, Bags, Cushions, Wall Art, Pet Products and more.
New designs are regularly added.

A little Information

Downloads to Help you with Your Tattoo

Before your tattoo session, you will need to fill out a consent form which will be emailed to you once your appointment is confirmed. You can also download it below or it will be provided when you come in for your appointment.Tattoo Aftercare information is also downloadable below to ensure your new tattoo heals well.

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Tattoo Aftercare

If you have any questions, please feel free to email.


What is the Process?

- Book an appointment for a consultation or tattoo session via the booking button, or contact Nadina by email or Facebook messenger for enquiries.- In your consultation, we can chat about your ideas, and work out what you want to include in your design. We can look at any images or references, discuss the style, as well as the size and placement of your tattoo.- We can book in an appointment time for your tattoo and I can work on your tattoo design.1. How much time does it take to have a custom design done?Depending on the size and complexity, it can take between 1 or 2 days, to 2 weeks.2. Do I need to pay a drawing fee?A $50 deposit is sometimes required for complex or larger work. This will be taken off the final price in your first session.3. What is your hourly rate?The hourly rate is $160 with a minimum payment of $110. Payments can be made through PayPal.• If I have a large piece of tattoo artwork, can I get a discount?If you book in for a sleeve or artwork that will take more than 3 sessions, then the hourly rate will be $150.• Do I have to pay for any touch ups?Usually not, if you follow the instructions on the tattoo aftercare sheet provided.4. What happens if I need to cancel or postpone an appointment?At least 24 hours notice is preferred. Though, send a message as soon as you know.5. How long in advance do I need to book in?A week is good but it can be from 1 day notice, depending on the design.6. Do I need to fill out a consent form before my tattoo?Yes, you must fill out and sign a consent form beforehand. Either send it in online or complete it when you come in.7. Do you use sterilised equipment?Absolutely, most equipment used are pre-sterilised. Other reusable tools such as tattoo machines, power boxes, chairs, will be covered with single use plastic and cleaned with hospital grade solution.• What kind of inks do you use?Vegan friendly, sterilised inks from an approved Australian business.8. How long will my tattoo take to heal?Usually around 2 weeks if you follow the aftercare instructions.

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Send an enquiry or book via email or through Facebook DM's.



Map of Berwick studio

1/5 Blackburne Square
Berwick, Melbourne, Australia.
There is plenty of parking available.Walk upstairs to find the gorgeous, 'Love Yourself Beauty'. The body tattoo space is to the left.